`Volratz 1573` Riesling Trocken


Schloss Vollrads

Schloss Vollrads, with nearly 800 years of viticulture experience, is one of the...

oldest wine estates in the world. The vineyards are located in the heart of the Rheingau, where the quality of Riesling is unsurpassed by any other region in the world. In 1728, the world's first Kabinett was produced at Schloss Vollrads and, 300 years on, the estate is still going from strength to strength under the watchful eye of Rowald Hepp and his winemaker Ralph Herke. The estate now has 81 hectares of Riesling vineyards.

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All Schloss Vollrads' vineyards are planted with Riesling and are situated between the Rhine and the forest clad hills that protect the vines from the cool north winds. Strict pruning ensures that yields are 40% lower than the legal requirement, while further reductions are made by crop thinning. The soil is a mixture of Taunus quartzite, argillaceous shale and calcareous loess soil. The vineyard slopes are all south facing, allowing them to capture the best sunshine. Forests on Taunus mountain range offer protection from the northern winds and create the ideal conditions for these vines.

Vintage Information

2016 proved to be a problematic year with high rainfall in early summer and late frosts and hail. However, the weather improved from July onwards resulting in good quality fruit with more acidity and lower alcohol than seen in 2015.


Fermentation was long and gentle, at low temperatures of 16-18°C in stainless steel tanks with selected yeast strains for a period of two weeks. The Volratz Riesling is named after the ancient name for the Schloss Vollrads estate and is always the first wine to be bottled and released each year.

Tasting Notes

The “Volratz 1573” is a refreshing, dry Rheingau Riesling with a crisp mineral character with perfumes of apricots and peaches on the nose. It is a delicate straw-yellow in colour with a youthful appearance. Well-balanced, crisp and mineral with good levels of refreshing acidity. A clear exotic fruit flavour with elegance and a medium to long finish.

Vintage Information

Vintage 2016
Grape varieties 100% Riesling
Region Vollrads, Rheingau
Winemaker Dr. Rowald Hepp
Alcohol (ABV) 12%
Acidity 7.8g/l
Residual Sugar 7.5g/l