Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chianti Rufina


The Rufina zone is the smallest of all in Chianti (about 600 hectares...

of vineyard) but also one of the most special. The cool breeze that blows down the Sieve Valley gives the best wines a finesse and definition that few in Chianti Classico can match. And there is no better producer in Rufina than Selvapiana, which has been in the family of Francesco Giuntini since 1827. Federico Giuntini Masseti now runs the property, which is situated just north of the town of Pontassieve. The estate covers 245 hectares, 60 of which are planted under vine (95% being Sangiovese), 22 are olive groves, and the rest is covered by woods. For the most part, the vineyards face west, though Selvapiana's prized Bucerchiale vineyard is south west facing.

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Olive Groves

Selvapiana Extra Virgin olive oil is made solely from Frantoio olives grown at 250-300 metres above sea level. This is a late ripening variety, so the olives are greener when picked, resulting in a spicy, green oil. Selvapiana is situated in the Sieve Valley, northeast of Florence, where a cool current of mountain air is funnelled through a pass in the Apennines down the valley. This makes it one of the coolest grape and olive growing regions in Tuscany, giving oils that are among the greatest and most spicy in Tuscany.

Harvest Information

Winter was cold and snowy. Spring started early with temperatures above average, but the end of April saw the return of very low temperatures. This climatic pattern delayed flowering to the end of May. Luckily, the unstable weather and rising temperatures did not affect fruitset, which was normal. The summer was extremely hot and dry, causing a big part of the fruit to fall prematurely. Autumn was dry, and picking started as early as 19th October. The olives were very ripe at picking, resulting in a rich, dense and balanced olive oil, more mature and less spicy than in other years. Quantities were significantly lower than usual.


Ultra-modern, stainless steel continuous presses are used. Most experts now agree that this method of pressing results in fresher, cleaner oils that retain their colour and fruitiness for a longer period of time. The oil was settled in a mixture of terracotta orci (urns), and stainless steel. It was bottled after a light filtration through cotton.

Tasting Notes

The oil is a vivid green with great viscosity, it has fresh and clean aromas with notes of artichoke. On the palate, it is dense and viscous with lovely purity and intensity and a spicy, peppery character on the finish.

Harvest Information

Vintage 2017
Olive varieties 100% Frantoio
Region Chianti Rufina, Tuscany
Oil Producer Federico Giuntini Masseti