Ponte Pietra

These wines are made by Matt Thomson at the Cantina di Monteforte. Verona's...

'Ponte Pietra' (stone bridge) dates back to Roman times, although vines have been planted on the hills outside of Verona for much longer than this bridge has spanned the Adige River.

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The fruit for the Merlot Corvina is grown in vineyards situated next to the Soave zone in the Val d'Alpone. The Merlot is grown on the warm, sheltered plains, on clay soils and the Corvina in the foothills on tufaceous basalt soils. All of the vineyards have excellent exposure, which helps to ensure complete ripeness.

Vintage Information

2017 can be characterised by cold winter weather with abundant rainfall. At the end of April, there was a period of frost. For this reason, budburst in the valley did not begin until the beginning of May, although on hillside vineyards it began sooner. Sunny weather allowed for normal vegetative growth over the summer months. It was a difficult year due to the combination of frost and then drought, but nevertheless grapes were harvested healthy and of good quality.


The grapes were hand harvested, destemmed, crushed and pumped into stainless steel tanks. 25% of the juice was drained from the tank in order to increase the ratio of skins to juice, which in turn resulted in a wine with greater colour and flavour. The wine was pumped over the cap every hour in the early stages to increase extraction further. It was left in contact with the skins for four to five days and fermentation took place at temperatures up to 30°C. After pressing, the wine was aged in stainless steel tanks until bottling.

Tasting Notes

This is a delicious blend offering the soft, blackberry voluptuousness of the Merlot in harmony with the characteristic cherry blossom and ripe cherry pie character of Corvina. It is a fresh and well-balanced wine.

Vintage Information

Vintage 2017
Grape varieties 60% Merlot
40% Corvina/Corvinone
Region Veneto
Winemaker Matt Thomson
Alcohol (ABV) 12%
Acidity 5.4g/l
Residual Sugar 6.5g/l
Wine pH 3.5