Barrel Aged Gin

Central Otago

Broken Heart

The story of Broken Heart gin is about remembering a friend. Two German...

friends, Joerg and Bernd, were living in Queenstown on the South Island of New Zealand. Both of them were philosophers and Master Distillers, and set out to make a superb gin together. Sadly, Bernd unexpectedly fell ill and tragically passed away. To commemorate his friend and to mark a new beginning, Joerg released Broken Heart gin. The aim was to make a perfumed and crisp gin to drink at dusk, cherishing those ‘moments in between’. We liked this gin upon first sniff for its aromatic complexity, intensity and clean finish.

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This gin is a blend of 70% broken Heart gin blended with 30% Navy strength to create the base for the barrel aged gin. Once it is blended, this mix is aged for 6 months in old French Chardonnay Barrels to develop complex aromas and a deeper colour.

Tasting Notes

Very smooth texture and balanced Juniper upfront and mellow aftertaste with a light oak note and goes well on ice just neat. This is a special, limited edition.

Vintage Information

Vintage NV
Grape varieties
Region Central Otago
Alcohol (ABV) 40%