`Fieramonte` Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Riserva

Valpolicella Classico


The Allegrini family estate covers 100 hectares of vineyard in the heart of...

the Valpolicella Classico area. The family has been growing grapes here for six generations, but the estate in its current form was founded by Giovanni Allegrini. When he passed away in 1983, it passed to his three children, who ran it together until Walter's death in July 2003. Franco now looks after the vineyards and is the winemaker, and Marilisa is director of marketing.

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The history of the Fieramonte vineyard dates back to the mid-16th century when an ancestor of the Allegrini Family, Allegrino Allegrini, fought for the right to access a certain invaluable ‘naturally-occurring spring’ in this very special part of the upper Valpolicella Classica. This 3.86 hectares vineyard sits at an altitude of 430 metres above sea level and, being south-east facing, it gets the very precious morning sun. The soil is clayey-calcareous, rich in magnesium and iron, with low level of clay and good resistance to drought. The vineyard has been part of the Allegrini family for many generations, but in 2003 it had to be replanted due to a disease. The newly planted vineyard has a density of 4,540 vines per hectare and it is cultivated with Guyot training.

Vintage Information

Harvest 2011 was characterized by an extraordinary seasonal weather pattern with ideal differences in day-to-night temperatures, thereby enhancing the varietal aromas of the grapes. These conditions were maintained until the first ten days of August. A heatwave in next 15 days compromised the clusters most exposed to light, so further thinning of clusters was necessary. Luckily, rainfall at the end of August/early September enabled the vines to recover, and brought back the ideal day-night temperature fluctuations. The harvest started in early September.


Bunches were hand-picked and selected at the beginning of September. Once at the drying facilities, the bunches were laid to dry until January, losing 40-50% of their weight. In January, the dried bunches were destemmed and softly pressed. Fermentation was carried out in stainless steel tanks. The wine was aged in 10 hectolitre French oak barrels for 30 months. The wine was then transferred to vitrified concrete tanks for a further 18 months and then to bottles for one year.

Tasting Notes

The wine has a beautifully bright and intense ruby colour. The nose is reminiscent of the cherries that ripen on the highest hills in the Valpolicella region in July. Aromas of local are accompanied by a deep note of black pepper and cloves. The palate is full, fresh and balanced with a subtle mineral note on the finish.

Vintage Information

Vintage 2011
Grape varieties 90% Corvina/Corvinone
5% Oseleta
5% Rondinella
Region Valpolicella Classico, Veneto
Winemaker Franco Allegrini
Alcohol (ABV) 16.5%
Acidity 5.9g/l
Residual Sugar 4.8g/l
Wine pH 3.5