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35 Years of Grosset Riesling

09 November 2015

35 Years of Grosset Riesling

35 Years of Grosset Riesling

Tori Eeles writes:

We are very excited to welcome in the 2015 Grosset Rieslings – which for Polish Hill and Springvale mark the 35th vintage of these wines. Way back in 1979, Jeffrey Grosset saw this opportunity: a disused building at Auburn in the Clare Valley was for sale. In 1981, Grosset Wines opened, and to ‘phone the Winery it was necessary to dial ‘Auburn’ and be connected by an operator. The Rolling Stones began their ‘Tattoo You’ tour. In Australia, the ‘Men at Work’ album was number 1. It was the year of the underarm ball, Collingwood lost another Grand Final, and Lleyton Hewitt and Paris Hilton were born. As they say, everything and nothing has changed.

The 2015 vintage sees the 35th release of Grosset Springvale (Watervale) and Polish Hill Rieslings. Over the years, these wines have shown a consistency of the bone dry (some now call it ‘ultra-dry’) style for which Grosset has become known. They also consistently reflect the different sub-regions of the Clare Valley from which they come: Watervale and Polish Hill River. At a deeper level, the uniqueness of the Grosset sites within those sub-regions is increasingly understood. In 1981 there was little thought given to those subtle but often significant differences that occur in wine due to the location of the vineyard, now commonly referred to as ‘terroir’. In 1981 these two wines were testament to a phenomenon poorly appreciated in this country at that time.

In thirty-five years these wines have achieved national and international acclaim, and have gone some way to entrenching the name ‘Grosset’ into the history of wine. Both are listed on the Langton Classification of Distinguished Australian Wines (as the highest rating rieslings in the country) and both are included in the ‘Top 5 Most Collected Australian White Wines’ (Wine Ark). "Grosset Wines’ philosophy has remained constant over 35 years", said Jeff "yet the wines have evolved. It has not been just about applying the knowledge and experience. The wines also mirror the evolution of our food, our lifestyle, our culture. These new releases offer both unique beauty and great appeal."

Cheers to that, and congratulations Jeff and team!